I am a designer and cabinetmaker. I hold a studio that explores the emotional qualities of domestic objects and the spaces they inhabit. Coming from a family of working artists, the development of my own practice has been a way to make sense of the world around me and share that perspective with others. My training in industrial design and work as a professional cabinet maker have provided the means to execute my ideas through making things.

These pieces, collectively called Bauden, are united by the same method of construction. In this work, I played with layering, and the push and pull of the corners. In cabinetry, this characteristic interplay is called tabling, one of my favorite subtleties of the craft.

Bauden comes from an old familial name, an elegant word which to me evokes mountains, and a sense of things that are grounded and lasting.

Cabinet A


Console. Three interior spaces, hinged doors, and six adjustable shelves.

Douglas fir, birch plywood, and white laminate. 
Oil, hand finished.
29” x 54” x 16”

Cabinet B


Sideboard. Cabinet with two sliding doors and fixed shelves.

Douglas fir, soild and plywood.
Oil, hand finished.
58” x 42” x 16”

Dune Donnelly

Portland, Oregon